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    store (noun) · stores (plural noun)
      a retail establishment selling items to the public:
      "a health-food store"
      • store-bought:
        "there's a loaf of store bread"
    2. a quantity or supply of something kept for use as needed:
      "the squirrel has a store of food" ·
      "her vast store of knowledge"
    3. BRITISH
      a sheep, steer, cow, or pig acquired or kept for fattening.
    store (verb) · stores (third person present) · stored (past tense) · stored (past participle) · storing (present participle)
    1. keep or accumulate (something) for future use:
      "a small room used for storing furniture"
      keep · keep in reserve · stow · stockpile · lay in/aside · set aside ·
      put away · put down · put to one side · deposit · save · hoard · cache · stock up with/on · get in supplies of · collect · gather · accumulate · cumulate · amass · husband · reserve · preserve · put into storage · put in store · stow (away) · warehouse
      • retain or enter (information) for future electronic retrieval:
        "the data is stored on disk" ·
        "the service allows clients to store unlimited files online"
      • (be stored with)
        have a supply of (something useful):
        "a mind well stored with esoteric knowledge"
      • remain fresh while being stored:
        "they do not ship or store well"
    Middle English: shortening of Old French estore (noun), estorer (verb), from Latin instaurare ‘renew’; compare with restore.
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  3. People also ask
    What is a store definition?
    Literally store refers to the place where materials are kept under custody. Typically a store has a few processes and a space for storage.
    Is store a noun?
    Store noun That which is accumulated, or massed together; a source from which supplies may be drawn; hence, an abundance; a great quantity, or a great number. ‘The ships are fraught with store of victuals.’; ‘With store of ladies, whose bright eyesRain influence, and give the prize.’;
    Search for: Is store a noun?
    What is a synonym for store?
    store noun. Synonyms: treasure, treasury, garner, provision, supply, fund, accumulation, hoard, abundance, shop, place of business, ammunition, stock. Antonyms: emptiness, lack, misprovision, failure, exhaustion, want, expenditure, disposal, consumption.
    What does general store mean?
    General-store as a noun means A retail store, usually located in a rural community, that sells a wide variety of merchandise.. Dictionary Thesaurus
  4. store

    1. To reserve or put away for future use.
    2. To fill, supply, or stock.
    3. To deposit or receive in a storehouse or warehouse for safekeeping.
    4. Computers To copy (data) into memory or onto a storage device, such as a hard disk.
  5. › dictionary › store

    Definition of store (Entry 3 of 3) 1 or stores : of, relating to, kept in, or used for a store. 2 : purchased from a store as opposed to being natural or homemade : manufactured, ready-made store clothes store bread.

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    Define store. store synonyms, store pronunciation, store translation, English dictionary definition of store. n. 1. A place where merchandise is offered for sale; a shop. 2. A stock or supply reserved for future use: a squirrel's store of acorns. 3. stores Supplies,...

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    Store definition, an establishment where merchandise is sold, usually on a retail basis. See more.

  8. › dictionary › english › store

    store definition: 1. a large shop where you can buy many different types of goods: 2. any type of shop: 3. an…. Learn more.

  9. › thesaurus › store

    1 a collection of things kept available for future use or need. her husband has a store of old magazines that he has been collecting for years. Synonyms for store. cache, deposit, hoard, reserve. store. budget,

    1. › dictionary › store

      As a noun, store often refers to a place where things are sold, such as an electronics store. This meaning of the word likely sprang up from the original meaning, "a supply of something kept for future use." As a verb, store refers to the act of putting things away for later.

    2. Urban Dictionary: store › define.php?term=store&page=3

      The Store (proper noun- place). A trashy bar in Chicago that is open until the wee hours of 5:00am. In this particular bar, you will find that the Mind Erasers flow like wine and the live music leaves much to be desired. If you happen upon this place on non-music nights, you may go home with someone special. BEWARE! His home might be under a bridge.

    3. store definition | › store

      A place where merchandise is kept for sale . Usage examples for "store": " No, I mean before they get to the store," went on the little girl . - "Six Little Bunkers at Cousin Tom's", Laura Lee Hope.

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      Mar 11, 2022 · Definition of store.. in the dictionary. Meaning of store... What does store.. mean? Information and translations of store.. in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

    6. Define store | Dictionary and Thesaurus

      Dictionary Definition. store. Noun. 1 a mercantile establishment for the retail saleof goods or services; "he bought it at a shop on Cape Cod" [syn:shop] 2 a supply of something available for future use;"he brought back a large store of Cuban cigars" [syn: stock, fund]

    7. STORE English Definition and Meaning | › en › definition › store

      2.1. A place where things are kept for future use or sale. ‘a grain store’. More example sentences. ‘The service says that there are 384 000 tons in the licensed public stores, grain depositories and the mills.’. ‘The sale includes a shop with floor space of 216 square metres and a store of 12 square metres.’.

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      Mar 01, 2019 · React hook for global state management. Contribute to lfoussat/define-store development by creating an account on GitHub.

    9. store | definition in the Cambridge Learner’s Dictionary › us › dictionary › learner-english › store

      store meaning: 1. a shop: 2. a supply of something that you are keeping to use later: 3. If something is in…. Learn more.

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      Define powstał z myślą o kobietach. Chcemy abyście poprzez nasze produkty pokazały światu cząstkę... Zgórsko, Poland

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