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    Rujak (Indonesian spelling) or Rojak (Malay spelling) is a salad dish of Javanese origin, commonly found in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. The most popular variant in all three countries is a salad composed of a mixture of sliced fruit and vegetables served with a spicy palm sugar


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    Rujak is one of the oldest dishes and the earliest historically identified food of ancient Java. The word "rujak" came from the word rurujak in ancient Javanese Taji inscription (901 CE) from the era of Mataram Kingdom in


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    Rujak Buah (fruit rujak)
    In Indonesia, Rujak buah is also known as rujak manis (sweet rujak). The typical Indonesian fruit rujak


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    Asinan – Indonesian pickled vegetable or fruit dish
    Gado-gado – Indonesian salad dish


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    In Indonesia, particularly among the Javanese, the sweet, spicy and sour tastes of rojak is popular among pregnant women; this craving for unripe mango and other sour-tasting fruits is known as "ngidham" or "nyidham" in Javanese. In Javanese culture, rujak is


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    Rojak Buah (fruit rojak)
    In Malaysia and Singapore, fruit rojak typically consists of cucumber, pineapple, jícama,


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  3. Rojak: Must-try Local Dishes - Visit Singapore Official … › ... › local-dishes › rojak

    It is a local salad of mixed vegetables, fruits, and dough fritters that is covered in a sticky black sauce and garnished with chopped peanuts and finely-cut fragrant ginger flowers for a piquant taste. The mark of a good rojak is its sauce, made …

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    Rojak is a sweet and savory salad of fruits and vegetables, typical of Malaysia and Indonesia. Its composition can vary greatly from one region to another. The ingredients that come up most often, however, are mango, cucumber, jicama, fried tofu and cuttlefish. It is seasoned with a special sauce called sambal rojak, as wel…
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    • Published: Sep 10, 2020
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  6. Rojak – Malaysian Spicy Fruit Salad and Sambal … › rojak-malaysian-spicy-fruit-salad

    Jul 29, 2012 · The cut-fruit stall is a popular lunch time fixture where Rojak can sometimes be found. The vendor will chop up his fruits and mix it with the …

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    • Total Time: 20 mins
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    • Calories: 323 per serving
    • Recipe Instructions
      1. Fry tofu on a non-stick pan on all sides to crisp it up. Remove and slice thinly when cool …
      2. Combine all rojak sauce ingredients in a small bowl. Mix thoroughly with a spoon.
      3. Place sliced tofu, pineapple, mango, jicama, and cucumber in a large bowl.
      4. Pour sauce over fruits and vegetables. Mix well.
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    Aug 20, 2020 · Meaning "mixed" in Malay, rojak is a traditional salad in Singapore. Across the Malay Archipelago, this humble salad dish commonly …

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    • › singapore › chinese-rojak-recipes

      Rojak salad 1 cucumber, washed 1 pineapple, peeled and trunk removed 1 mango, peeled 2 green apples, peeled 2 pieces of you tiao (Chinese dough fritters) 4 pieces of tau pok (fried beancurd) Rojak sauce (used as dressing) 2 …

    • ROJAK LINE - The Finest Rojak l Home

      ROJAK LINE serves the Finest Rojak to all the Rojak lovers. Rojak taste is absolutely amazing with ROJAK LINE's Finest Rojak paste & selected ingredients.

    • Pasembur (Malaysian Indian Rojak) - Malaysian Chinese Kitchen › pasembur-malaysian-indian-rojak

      Feb 17, 2021 · Pasembur is an Indian Muslim rojak consisting of shredded vegetables, eggs, tofu, and fritters drenched in a spiced sweet potato dressing. When Paul and I finally made a trip to the Asian market the previous weekend, Pasembur and Mee Goreng Mamak were not on my mind. As always, we bought almost everything we can possibly think of that we needed for the next 3 …

    • Home | Mr. Rojak

      Mr.Rojak is a snack food company focusing on reengineering the way we feel and treat ourselves with popular local snack food. Based in Malaysia, Mr.Rojak believes in the magic that local snack food can do around the world. Rojak as a dish brings a symbol of unity which resembles the country Mr.Rojak is born, Malaysia. This is why, Rojak is our ...


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    • What Is Rojak? (with pictures) - › what-is-rojak.htm

      May 26, 2022 · Rojak is a spicy salad dish made with sliced or shredded fruits and vegetables common in Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia. Typical ingredients include cucumber, sweet turnip, spinach, green apple, pineapple, green mango and guava. Deep-fried soybean cakes, fried dough fritters and cuttlefish may be added.

    • Rojak › en › recipes › cuisine › singaporean › rojak.html

      Enter the Chinese Rojak –a salad concocted in Singapore that is both sweet and savoury, an ensemble of fruits, fried dough fritters and fried beancurd tossed in a dressing made of shrimp paste, tamarind, sugars and peanuts. Eat it like a local and throw in some chopped chili padi in that sauce! Difficulty: Easy. Steps: 3 steps.

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    • Balestier Road Hoover Rojak - Wikipedia › wiki › Balestier_Road_Hoover_Rojak

      Balestier Road Hoover Rojak is a street food stall in Whampoa Makan Place in Whampoa, Singapore.The food stall was awarded the Michelin Bib Gourmand in 2016. History. The stall was founded by Lim Ngak Chew, who began selling rojak in Toa Payoh in 1961, and moved to a location opposite the Hoover Theatre in 1971 after he obtained his hawker's license. In 1978, …

    • Rojak - Roots › ich-landing › ich › rojak

      The Chinese rojak sauce features prawn paste or hei ko mixed with lime juice and tamarind, ginger buds, sugar, vinegar, and a little water with optional chilli paste. For Malay rojak, shrimp paste or belacan is used instead of prawn paste; the sauce is also pounded rather than mixed. The sauce for Indian rojak is a thickened mix of chilli ...

    • Singapore is literally a plate of… Rojak. - › post › singapore-rojak

      Google the word “Rojak” and this definition will come up: a “mixture” or “eclectic mix” in colloquial Malay – and we love how aptly this defines and describes how Uniquely Singapore is; a little red dot with such a diverse mix of cultures coming together in perfect harmony. In Singapore, a plate of rojak is often seen enjoyed and shared with friends and family at food centres ...

    • Urban Dictionary: Rojak › define.php?term=Rojak

      1.NOUN: A delicacy in Singapore. Mixed with various ingredients. There are the Chinese Rojak, and the Indian Rojak. Different ethnic flavours come from different methods of mixing and different ingredients. The Chinese version normally include a base of lemon sauce and a sweet gravy. Ingredients include fried fritters (Yew Char Kuay), Fried beancurd (Tau Pok), Beansprouts (tau …

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